Specialized Debt Recovery Solutions from Reliable Debt Collectors

Get convenient debt recovery solutions for your company from the trustworthy debt collectors at Milliken and Michaels of Vero Beach, Florida. We offer a collection program with four separate departments to ensure our services fit your needs.

International – All collectors in this department are well versed in international law, as well as have long term relationships with many of the US Embassies around the world.

National Collections- Large balance handles accounts from $5,000 and up, Mid-balance handles from $1,000-4,999 and small balance handles account under $999. This ensures  that no matter what size account you place your accounts receive the attention they deserve. 

What We Do

At our agency, we give every account that comes into our hands the attention it deserves. Get in touch with us whenever a company or entity is lying, making promises they can’t  keep, or clearly dodging settlements. There is no real timeline for results, but we give you updates on your account.

Why Choose Us

Our collectors research the parties involved before starting an account. Conducting an initial investigation allows us to know more in the first 30 minutes than most agencies can tell after 90 days. We use the same database software that the IRS uses. In addition, our investigative service is free for all active clients.