Complete Customer Profile Search for Individuals and Companies Filing Bankruptcy

Keep good communication between you and a debtor to settle payments or until the company resorts to filing bankruptcy. Milliken and Michaels in Vero Beach, Florida, offers a customer profile search that includes our in-office profiler contacting the party involved.

Customer Profile Search
Profile searches are done before placing collections. This is because 90 percent of the time we handle clients who are simply contacting the wrong person or enterprise. Companies spend time trying to reach out to someone who isn’t in a position to make decisions. This is where our agency comes in. We find out who we need to contact to retrieve your assets. 

What We Do
Among our tasks is to check if there are any UCC1 filings, judgments, and tax liens. Owned properties or assets with liens on them are also checked. In addition, we inspect personal emails and cell phone numbers of officers of the corporation. For non-customers, we charge $300.

Bankruptcy Watch List
Limit the expenses incurred by your company with our bankruptcy watch list and services. We contact different references in the industry of your debtor when you have no means of communication with the customer.

Money-Saving Service
Count on us to handle matters whether the voice mail is full, the call is directed to a blind voice message, or if you’re dealing with a cell phone number instead of a company land line. We help you bridge the communication gap so you can deal with them until the day they file bankruptcy. In addition, you don’t have to pay attorney fees if the company is going into bankruptcy. We don’t want you to throw good money away after chasing a bad investment. Our agency offers this service for free for any active client.
Contact us in Vero Beach, Florida, to perform a customer profile check on your company’s debtors.

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