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Milliken & Michaels is a collection service whose expertise embraces virtually every kind of receivable. Our recovery specialists have an average of 15 years’ experience in credit collections that have enabled us to achieve a thorough understanding of just what it takes to bring  about  successful  resolutions  of  delinquent accounts. We have a client base of over 10,000 clients, ranging from small businesses through to multinational corporations with operations in many countries throughout the world.


In an age of increasing financial uncertainty, more and more companies are finding it difficult to maintain their fiscal  responsibility.    Then,  too,  there  are  those  who never intended to live up to their commitments in the first place.  We at Milliken & Michaels are thoroughly familiar with all types of debtors and approach each one accordingly with effective, systematic, time-proven methods.


We are well aware that delinquent accounts can be a drain on resources to even the most securely established organizations, and that failure to recover on past due receivables often disrupts cash flow, hampers day-to-day operations, increases costs and in many instances, jeopardizes the viability of the firm.  Our success lies in our ability to employ only experienced operatives with proven recovery track records and then to provide them with the very latest tools.   Using these methods, we consistently recover up to twice the National Average within ten to fourteen working days of receipt.


In many instances it takes a psychological stimulus in the form of an outside source, a third party, skilled in commercial debt negotiation to create the necessary impact and thereby motivate debtors to reconcile the accounts.